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Not many people have heard of a ‘baby spa’ before. When mentioned, I always get asked, “What is a baby spa?” Well it really is what it says on the tin. It’s a spa for babies. Think flashy hotel spa with the warm jacuzzi, sensory spot lights on the ceiling and that relaxing music in the background.  With a little side room with a massage table and a lady (or man) that does the spa treatments. Well we’ve packed all that into a session - but for 0-12 month old babies! 


We really have gone all out with this one. We wanted to go above and beyond to give baby and adult the best baby spa experience going. We made sure all the finer details were covered so you get the most bang for your buck, but also made sure we were not like any other baby spa in the UK. This is how we raised the bar: 


• Jacuzzi Baths - our baby baths are literally the best. They have built in chromotherapy lights to give baby the ultimate sensory experience. The also have built in massaging bubbles. The midwives slope means 0-6 month old babies are sloped and never lay flat in the water; safety first! There is also a seated area for 6-12 month old babies, both areas with a safety grip.  


• Bonding Massage - whether we admit it or not, as parents we sometimes need a bit of quality time with the little one to really bond. We will guide you on how to practice the best techniques on baby that will really help you both bond. Your littles ones skin is super sensitive and they best respond to skin to skin contact at that early age.  


• Mini Mani-Pedi - we have searched high and low for the best tools to use on your little one. This includes our Thumble baby file. It’s a wearable nail file that you wear on your thumb or finger, meaning you are hands free and can gently and easily file those tiny nails; this new design is a must have in all baby caddies.  


• Egyptian Cotton - we literally scoured the earth to find the best towels and robes. We wanted to make sure that everything that is used on your baby’s sensitive skin is of the best quality. Our towels and robes are shipped directly from Cairo, Egypt,  are the thickest, fluffiest products and are of the highest quality at 600 g/m.  


• 100% Natural Products - we wanted to use natural products as we don’t want any nasties on baby’s precious skin, but we also wanted something unique that you won’t find on supermarket shelves. We tried and tested many products from all over the UK, on our own baby, as we would only expect the best for our own baby, and yours too. We are happiest with Kokoso. Pure and organic coconut oil with a natural coconut fragrance, you can’t go wrong. It worked wonders on baby’s skin, hair and even helped with nappy rash! We will provide you with Kokoso oils and creams to use during the bonding massage.  


• Atmosphere - we have made the baby spa an ‘oasis of calm’. The room will be dark with sensory lights on the ceilings, it will be warm with soothing music and a lovely aroma. We really have made it a chill space.  


• Photo - the first year from baby to toddler really does fly by! So we we give you Egyptian Cotton robes and faux fur slippers for your baby to dress up in and give you the opportunity to take a little snap of this experience. A memory to treasure forever.  


You will get all of this in your session for just £30 for a full hour, making us not only the best baby spa in the UK, but also the cheapest. It really is a win-win situation.